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Every cloud has a silver lining and one can yield benefits in any situation, if given sufficient knowledge, desire, experience, and will. Accordingly, each action, first and foremost, implies a precise definition of needs, availability of relevant guidelines and a high level of self-awareness. Human thinking is the platform of these components, and any endeavor must begin with shaping your thoughts, having self-esteem and willpower to control your mind and direct it toward the positive.

At Breavis we can help you to:

  • expand career horizons and (re) define short-term and long-term goals of life/career,
  • develop proper professional self-esteem,
  • discover leadership potential,
  • resolve the dilemmas related to career or business development taking into consideration personal qualities and situation-specific characteristics,
  • analyze the effects of the “everyone does it” and “I always do it” clichés, as well as other stereotypes,
  • make decisions that will help to satisfy your personal needs, achieve success, and which are consistent with your value-system,
  • define guidelines for choosing a (new) career/education*,
  • reach your full potential efficiently combining it with real circumstances (including the labor market),
  • create motivations vital for living a meaningful life,
  • promote the development of positive thinking, as well as expand and change the mindset.


*For adolescents and young people aged from 16 to 22 Individual career counseling can be conducted at a reduced rate. To apply for the service and the special offer, please click here.

You can also write to our Facebook page or call +374 11 20 47 72.

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