Financial Assistance and Discounts

We highly appreciate your effort to make a change in your life, invest in your self-awareness and take more initiative! Our goal is to make systematic and qualitative change in our environment through cooperating with individuals and fulfilling their need for self-expression. 

At Breavis we are convinced that every single person should be able to get career counseling, and any obstacle, including financial, shall not deprive anyone of their opportunity to initiate. Taking this into consideration, we offer the opportunity to get financial assistance and concessions to those who:

  • are 16-22 years old and want to participate in an individual or group career counseling,
  • want to help their friend or friends and join our training or counseling session together,
  • have a clear business/career idea/plan and want to take major steps or have some other substantiation to be eligible for concessions.

Please fill in the fields below. Our team will contact with you within two working days.

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Thank you for submitting the application for financial assistance and concessions.  

You have already taken one of your decisive steps, which we greatly value! Our team will consider the application and respond within two consecutive working days.