CHANGE 1.0 Express

Dear youngsters,
In the run-up to the entrance exams, Breavis is inviting you to an open training session Change 1.0 Express exclusively organized to help you to make one of the most important and high impact decisions in life with high self-awareness and do no wrong on the threshold of making a career choice.

Do you think it is too late?
Let’s answer this question together.

Our one-day training is deliberately organized at this stage and it is open to anyone who wants to be the master of their lives and careers. The main purpose of the course is to orient our young people in the right time, to help develop citizens with high level of self-awareness, and to remove any financial impediment, the training will be free, but places are limited.

Application is

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Alexander Plato




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Change 1.0 Express

At this stage of life merely preparing for admission is not enough; you need to plan your future career right from this point forward.

Making a conscious choice is a skill that can be acquired and developed.

We will help you make a conscious choice based on your personal qualities and the development trends of the job market. And a conscious choice will help YOU to:

  • Delightfully dedicate some of your best years to your studies,
  • Not to be excluded from the university of your choice and not to leave an important project unfinished,
  • Enjoy your job in future and pursue your career in an environment that best matches your preferences.



Alexander Plato

Communications Director | Career Consultant

Alexander Plato is the Director of Communications at Breavis. Before that, from 2016 to 2018 he held the position of the Director of Public and International Relations at the Public Television Company of Armenia. During this period, he coordinated the entire process of television production and promotion. His activities were multi-layered varying from ideological projects to high-quality television programs. Alexander has developed a new system of television production, making it more effective in content and structure. Perhaps, one of the biggest outcomes was the increase in digital accessibility of television on the official website and on YouTube live, as well as the improvement of TV accessibility through the development of applications for iOS and Android systems.

Alexander Plato has been actively engaging in the practices of science for many years. He was delivering lectures on “Career Psychology” and “Psychology of Informational Influence” at Yerevan State University. Other than that, he regularly makes speeches both in Armenian (YSU, Medical, Linguistic, Polytechnic, Agrarian, French, American, Gyumri Pedagogical, Gavar, Vanador and other) and European (Rome’s Sapienza, Tallinn Technical, Brussels Brije, Kiyv, Nicosia, Madrid’s Rey Juan Carlos) universities. He’s a guest speaker at different thematic events of the European Commission’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

Around seven years he has worked in the banking sector as the Head of Marketing and Publicity Department, implementing a number of innovative programs across the country. He is the founder of three successful business projects, that had a significant qualitative value in Alexander Plato’s life in terms of financial progress and the development of his “know-hows”.

Mastering effective communication skills, he converses with a wider audience through his articles, book (The Dog of Amoeba, 2016, Antares), singing and being a TV host.
Alexander Plato has been practicing singing at a professional level for several years now. He released a CD in 2018. His international debut was in 2015 in Bulgaria during the “Discovery” international festival, where he received the “Most attractive singer” award. He has been the host of Armenian Public Television’s “Aravot Luso” TV program and several other projects.

Application is

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