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The general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions) applying to all trainings (hereinafter referred to as Training/s) provided by IPSC-Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting LLC (represented by trademark Breavis) are hereby defined. The Participant, upon registering for any of the Trainings offered by the Trainer, agrees to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and shall be obliged to comply.

  • The Trainings are organized and conducted by IPSC-Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting LLC (represented by trademark Breavis) (hereinafter referred to as Trainer).
  • The Trainer takes reasonable measures and efforts to provide quality trainings demonstrating good faith, integrity, and relevant skills.
  • The following terms are used in these Terms and Conditions:
    • Training: Subject-related trainings conducted by the Trainer. The trainings are delivered both face-to-face and online.
    • Website: https://learn.breavis.com/
    • Participant: A person who registered and paid the participation fee for the Training organized by the Trainer.
    • Participation fee: Lump sum amount for the entire Training course, which is independently set by the Trainer for each Training. The fee includes participation, training material costs and applicable taxes.
  • The Participants shall register for all the trainings via an online registration form available on the website. Different trainings are available on the website.
  • In order to register for the training, the Participant shall follow the relevant link on the website and shall fill in the following information: name and surname, email address, telephone number. According to the nature of the Training the Participant might be requested to complete such information as status, education or any other information required by the Trainer.
  • Upon the completion of the registration form, the Participant shall tick the appropriate box confirming that he/she has read and agrees to these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Participant shall pay the participation fee to confirm his/her participation. The Participation fees (AMD) are specified on the website and vary for each Training.
  • The payment can be made online, through bank transfer or payment terminal.
  • The payment is due at least 1 (one) day before the beginning of the training. Upon the receipt of the payment, the Trainer shall issue a notice via email to confirm the execution of the payment and affirm the Participants right to take part in the Training.
  • The Trainer shall reserve the right to reject the participant’s application on the basis that no availability due to the limited number of participants. Should this happen the Trainer shall provide reimbursement, if the Participant has already paid the Participation fee.
  • In case of questions regarding registration or payment, the Participant can contact the Trainer at the following e-mail address info@breavis.com.
  • For each Training the description and details are presented on the website.
  • Each Training consists of the number of sessions specified in the Training description.
  • The Participant shall acknowledge and confirm that the Trainer will conduct the training sessions as provided in the description.
  • If the Participant attends the Training partially (at least 1 lesson), due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the Participant can claim the right to participate in subsequent sessions of the similar Training he/she has missed. No additional fees shall be charged from the Participant in the above stated situation.
  • If the Participant wants to complete the missed sessions by attending another Training session, he / she shall inform the Trainer. If the other Training Participation fee is more than the current one, the participant shall pay the due amount, and if it is less, the Trainer shall be obliged to return the excess amount.
  • The Participant acknowledges that the Trainer will not tolerate disrespect for other participants. In particular, in the event of repeated abusive or disrespectful conduct or attitude towards the training staff or other participants, the Trainer reserves the right, without any liability or refund, to deprive the Participant of the access to the training.
  • The Trainings can also be delivered on a corporate basis to the employees of a Company. In this case, a service contract shall be concluded with the Company, and the registration procedure for the employees shall be the same as that set forth in Section 2 of these Terms.
  • The Trainer also provides Individual Counseling Services (hereinafter referred to as Individual Counseling).
  • Individual Counseling is designed for those who
    • need career guidance,
    • have startup projects, business ideas and want to get professional support in building a successful business,
    • have career or business idea and want to understand its feasibility, toolkit and favorable or profitable ways of implementation.
  • Individual Counseling is conducted on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is 8000 (eight thousand) AMD including taxes. The stated value can be modified by the Trainer.
  • The Trainer provides no guarantee that the person receiving Individual Counseling will get particular result or qualification. The Trainer is not responsible for the use of the knowledge or information received by the Individual Counseling session.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Individual Counseling to the extent reasonably practicable.
  • In this section, the Trainer sets out the terms and conditions of the reimbursement of the Participation fee paid by the Participant and the procedure for the execution.
  • Hereby the Trainer notifies that if the Participant requests a reimbursement, the Trainer is willing to reimburse the full amount paid by the Participant, with the termination of the training participation.
  • Bank commissions and any other expenditure incurred for making the transfer shall be deducted from the amount subject to reimbursement referred to in the preceding clause.
  • The Participant can request a reimbursement either by filling the corresponding form, or by sending an email to the Trainer or by visiting the Trainer’s office.
  • These Terms and Conditions specify the following ways of Participation fee reimbursement:
    • If the Participant attends the Training, but within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the beginning of the Training (from the first day of the training), request a reimbursement of the Participation fee, the Trainer shall be obliged to reimburse the full paid amount within 10 (ten) working
    • The Participant shall have the right to use the Participation fee paid for one Training to participate in another Training provided by the Trainer by notifying the Trainer at least 24 hours prior to the start of the other Training. In this case, the Trainer shall confirm the change of Training in writing by e-mail.
    • If the fee for the initial Training exceeds the fee required for the new training, the excess amount shall be refunded to the Participant within 10 (ten) working days.
      • Where the fee for the initial Training is less than the fee required for the new changed training, the Trainer shall notify the Participant of the need to pay the due amount of the fee. If the Participant pays the due amount at least 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the start of the Training, the Trainer approves the participant’s participation in the training. If the Participant fails to pay the due amount within the prescribed period, the Participant shall be deemed to have waived the Training and the Participation fee shall be refunded in full within 10 (ten) working
    • If the participant does not attend the training at all or attends partly, the Participant shall have the right to request a reimbusrment of the paid participation fee. In this case, the Trainer shall refund the Participation fee in full within 10 (ten) business days, reducing the actual material costs and the amount paid to the Trainers conducting the course.
    • The participation fee shall be refunded by the Trainer in the same manner as it has been made.
    • Where the payment has been made through payment terminals, the Participant shall submit the payment receipt provided by the Payment Terminal to the Trainer’s office within the time limits set forth in this section and submit the claim, providing his / her bank details. Upon submission of the claim, the Trainer shall refund the amount by bank transfer within the time limits specified in this section.
  • Where the Participant violates the terms set forth in this Section, and does not submit the receipt as stated by the 5.5 clause of these Terms and Conditions, the Trainer shall have the right to decline the participant’s request for reimbursement.
  • The Trainer shall not be liable for the failure to fulfill the obligations in whole or in part, if this was the result of a Force Majeure event. Such circumstances mean the occurrence of natural disasters, an act of war, acts of state authorities, and other circumstances that are beyond the control of the Trainer, and that could not have reasonably been foreseen by that Trainer and make it impossible to fulfill obligations.
  • The Trainer shall not be held liable, if the Participant is not able to join the training in events that result from:
    • Internet failure for any reason,
    • Computer failure/malfunctioning,
    • Computer viruses,
    • Failure of the means of online communication.
  • The Trainer shall be committed to delivering the trainings in good faith, investing reasonable efforts and
  • The Trainer expects that the Participant has made enough effort when selecting a particular training and realizes what course she is applying for and whether the course will meet her / his requirements.
  • The Trainer does not give any guarantee that the Participant will gain any definite results or qualifications. The Trainer shall not be responsible for the use of the knowledge or information received by the Participant.
  • The Trainer does not guarantee that the courses will be free from errors, including technical ones.
  • The Trainer does not guarantee that the technical capabilities of the Participant will meet the technical standards of the Training.
  • Registering for the Training the Participant agrees to provide his / her personal data to the Trainer, who will process and transfer it in the cases and manner stated by law.
  • The Trainer shall be responsible for the confidentiality of the Participant’s personal data and assure that no personal data of the Participant will be unlawfully disclosed to any third party. We strictly adhere to the Provisions of the law of the Republic of Armenia on the Protection of Personal Data, in relation to the personal data provided by the participants.
  • The personal data of the Participant shall solely be used for the proper and efficient organization of the training process. The Trainer shall not sell the Participant’s personal data, unlawfully disclose it to a third party or use it for commercial purposes. Personal data can only be provided to a third party only in the cases provided by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, as well as for the payment of the reimbursement of the Training Participation fee, where the personal data is required to identify the payer or recipient.
  • The Participant hereby agrees to receive emails from the Trainer related to the training, including marketing, to the indicated email address.
  • The Participant hereby agrees that the names of the persons (exclusively the name and surname, in the case of an organization or company, the name of the organization or company) who have participated or are participating in its Training can be published or shared by the Trainer for marketing purposes.
  • The personal data is processed to
    • check the identity of the Participant,
    • ensure the performance of obligations of the Trainer and the Participant,
    • contact the Participant,
    • ensure the proper performance of Trainer’s activities,
    • implement marketing strategies, including making the offered Services more affordable,
    • ensure and enhance the quality of the services provided by the Trainer, including the website,
    • protect legitimate interests of the subject of the personal data,
    • achieve other lawful objectives set by the Trainer.
  • These Terms and Conditions are available on our website.
  • Any information that is available on the website and/or produced during the Training, and that is an object of intellectual property is the property of the Trainer and shall be protected in a manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
  • The Participant shall have no right to reproduce, duplicate, sell, resell or otherwise use the Trainer’s intellectual property in whole or in part (in particular, but not limited to the name of any company, trademark or any other intellectual property).
  • The Trainer shall have the right to make amendments in these Terms and Conditions that shall be announced on the website. In any event, the Participant shall bear the obligations and exercise the rights in accordance with the revision of these Terms and Conditions as in effect at the time of creating legal relations.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

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