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“When we oppress the angel inside us, it transforms into a devil”

Victor Frankl

About Breavis

We do public opinion research, communication and career orientation consulting, helping decision-makers and businessmen to establish, evaluate, develop, and build a positive reputation around their persona and brand through trainings, research data and communication tools. Having about 15 years of professional experience, we have successfully implemented about 400 programs in the fields of public administration, socioeconomics, finance, telecommunications, education, and public health.

About Career Development

Breavis suggests starting with the most essential - YOURSELF. The counseling services, that we have been providing for almost 15 years, have targeted the person within a company or other social environment. At Breavis all starts with listening to you, as every single opinion is an important value, that helps to lay strong foundations for business ideas, designs the most effective career path based on the competences, personal qualities of the employee and peculiarities of the job market.

Be sure, after attending our personal counseling or training sessions, your attitude towards life and your career will no longer be the same, you will have multiple motives to act. We work on thinking and promoting self-awareness. You will have the opportunity to shape your mindset with knowledge based on experience and innovative scientific principles and rediscover your full potential, hidden competences and the color palette SPECIFIC JUST TO YOU.

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